“It was great to meet up with you all yesterday. I think the venue is perfect. Love the blue room with its intimate feel. Thanks to Maria for co-ordinating everything. A grand job. As for our lovely Fabrizio – what a superstar. Beautifully calm and considered presentations. Such an amazing orator.  I feel he is at one with us all.”

Ros Smith

“Just wanted to say it was lovely meeting you all on Sunday. Thank you Maria for keeping me in the loop and thank you Fabrizio for putting into words so beautifully what it means to be grounded and reconnecting me to the light. I look forward to the next one! :)”

Chrys Christofides

“I too had a lovely day and went home feeling energised and calm. I think the take home for me was the recognition of how much my energy is dissipated and that until I learn to ground it better I will be constantly tired and taken over by other people’s moods or my own negative self chatter. It was so nice to be in a room of people and feel the calm reiki energy flowing through everyone. Thank you again to Fab and Maria. Wishing you all love, light and laughter,”

Jeanette Quarton

“It was great seeing you all on Sunday. The energy was amazing on the day and it was lovely spending time with people on the same level. It was nice to meet other masters and hear about their experiences. I thought the workshop ran efficiently from both the organisation and teaching point of view. The bit I enjoyed the most was the circle giving reiki in a group and the in depth explanation of grounding. The standing verses sitting exercises were split equally and the breaks were perfect. I can’t wait for the next masters day, I had such a good time. Thank you Maria and Fabrizio for starting this new venture. Take care lovely people, see you soon.”

Krutika Kerai

“Thank you all so much for bringing all your lovely energies yesterday, I had an amazing time but was thoroughly exhausted afterward! I think the day went very well, I don’t have any negative feedback. I think the amount of sitting vs standing, and the timing for it was great. I have a bad back so I do get uncomfortable, but if it was not bothering me I think it was all timed perfectly.’

 Angel Persephone Agyei

“Thank you all for the wonderful sharing and learning I felt on Sunday. I had been invited along by Ros and I felt welcomed and embraced and connected to many Reiki Masters who I had not met before. The work on grounding was superb – I think a lot of people who are drawn to Reiki want to help others and so work from their heart chakra a lot and forget about themselves and easily get exhausted. I feel so grounded since Sunday and realise I really must do more work on this – thank you Fab. The content was at the perfect pitch – deepening the understanding of the spiritual path as a Master. I really look forward to the next one please! Thank you Maria for your input too.”

Deb Cheeseman

“Thank you for yesterday as had an amazing day and lot of healing /grounding was done, as I was having severe headaches since last two days which by after noon yesterday all vanish and I am fine today. Special thanks to Maria for organizing and to Fab for being an amazing teacher and for his guidance. I will look forward to more of these days soon. Lots of Blessings”

Alka Sethi

“Thank you again Maria. I didn’t relish the thought of having to get up and leave home so early; thought such a long day would be tiring but in fact it went so quickly and I feel chilled and refreshed! Although I did sleep well. Thoroughly enjoyed the day Fab! I liked all that we did especially the in depth explanation of grounding also not breaking the energy when practicing on each other and waiting to give feedback. Also the sharing of Reiki in a circle moving to each person.  And, thank you all for your love and healing. Count me in for next one! Much love ? ”

Val Beck 

“What an experience, we covered grounding, being the great white light, including exercises which were brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day which just flew by. Look forward to the next one. Fab explains everything so easy you just get it. The exercises were fun and I am now the great white light. They are so easy to just fit into your busy days and feel the connection plus how important being grounded is and ways to ground yourself. Then you’re prepared for everything life chucks at you.”

Lynn Burgess

“I recently attended my first Reiki Masters Day hosted by the very welcoming Maria. I was greeted by a variety of masters from different lineages and with varying degrees of experience which soon put me at ease, being a very new master myself. I found Fabrizio’s style of teaching extremely detailed and enjoyable which spurred me on to develop new experiences for myself and clients. It’s very easy to take away knowledge when the teacher is talking from their own direct experience of the deeper aspects of Reiki. I’m looking forward to attending many more of the Reiki Master Days. The value for 9 hours is remarkable too! Thanks again”

Angus Gordon

“What a wonderful time at the Reiki Master Day.  Thank you Fab for a beautiful totally calming experience and absorbing presentation, and thank you Maria for organising everything.  I so look forward to the next one and sharing Reiki again together.

Tracy Brookman

“I think the day worked brilliantly, on the whole I cannot fault anything. It was lovely to meet some new people and reconnect with a few old faces, and I certainly needed some Reiki love for myself. It’s all too easy to forget to receive treatments ourselves when we are giving them all the time 🙂 Thank you both very much”

Rupert Fawcett