Reiki Masters Day: Harmony and Balance

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With Reiki Master/Teacher Fabrizio Romano

The day is 9am to 6pm at The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA.

Harmony and Balance

Life can be a little too much, at times. Surrounded by devices that crave our attention, and overwhelmed by the amount of commitments we have, we might feel an internal struggle. Sometimes we do too much of this, and too little of that. Stress, anxiety, tension, the feeling of never having a moment to simply be able to sit down, and breathe.

One way to help, is to harmonise and re-balance our life. Mikao Usui has given us a wonderful tool to do it: Symbol 2 – Sei Heki.

Connected to our upper tanden, this symbol helps us open up to guidance and intuition, to our thoughts and emotions. Being more in contact with our True Self will bring a little more light into our lives, the light of Amida Nyorai: pure, unconditional love.

In this workshop you will be given a deeper insight into the Sei Heki Symbol, its tradition, and cultural background. Understanding why Mikao Usui introduced it in the system of Reiki will benefit both your personal practice and the way you treat others.

As usual, the short teaching will be surrounded by plenty of practical exercises, meditations, Reiju, and opportunities to socialise with our wonderful community.

What you need to know

Please make sure that you know the four symbols by heart (drawing, mantra and kotodama). Your mind cannot be in the right state for the exercises, if it is busy trying to remember how to draw a symbol.

If you struggle with drawing them, try to engage your muscle memory: print them, and follow along the guidelines of each symbol, 10 times a day. It takes two minutes, and after a few days, your body will have memorised them.

What to bring

You are free to bring your own food. There is a kitchen available on site, and also a cafe and other places to eat nearby if you prefer to have lunch outside the venue.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, possibly layered, so you can regulate your body temperature easily. If you struggle sitting on a chair for the whole day, you’re more thanwelcome to bring along a yoga mat, a meditation pillow, or anything that will allow you to be comfortable. If you wish to take notes, please bring a pen and a notebook.

How to prepare for the day

If possible, meditate, ground and practice Reiki every day, take care of your diet, and try and reduce intake of alcohol, smoke, meat/dairy products, etc. Keep yourself well hydrated, and exercise a little.

The above are just common-sense suggestions, please feel free to decide what resonates with you and what doesn’t. And please, don’t do anything extreme.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!



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The venue address for the Reiki Masters Day event is The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA. The closest station is Barons Court which is on the Piccadilly Line or Circle and District Lines. Free parking is available in surrounding roads at the weekend.


Please note that it is a pre-requisite to be a Reiki Master in order to attend. If you are not known to the organisers, you may be asked to show confirmation that you are a Reiki Master. If you have any questions or if you are not yet a Reiki Master and would like more details on becoming one, please contact us here.